Real Estate

Does your property have “Curb Appeal”?

Add Aerial Pictures & Video to highlight its true attributes. Let prospective buyers of your Commercial Property, Land or Residential Home have the most favorable aerial view that our High Definition videos, Pictures and skilled pilots can capture.

Film & Production

Whether it’s for a short film, promotional video, family portrait or your Academy Award Winning production. DroneX with its talented drone operators will work with your film crew to capture those aerial shots that add and sets your production above the others.

Events & Celebrations

Planning a family gathering? Upcoming Sporting Event or a Social Gala? Getting ready to propose to that special someone? Or “been there done that” and the Wedding is on? Capture those once in lifetime moments from a different aerial viewpoint. Get creative and have a drone deliver that engagement ring to your side just after dropping to one knee and saying “Will You Marry Me”?

Agriculture Inspections

Precision agriculture is a farming management concept based on observing, measuring and responding to inter- and intra-field variability in crops.

The goal of precision agriculture is to more efficiently apply a farm’s limited resources to gain maximum yield. A primary method for doing that is to minimize variability of crop health within and across fields.

Click Here For Aerial Drone Agriculture Education

Industrial Inspections

State of the art technology now allows us to see and discover more than meets the eye. New technology such as Infra-red, multi-spectral imaging, and radar can bring a new class of delivery for inspection. Find cracks, leaks, or determine structural integrity all from the safety of a video.

Communication / Power Inspections

Towers of all sorts that span our topography can be inspected safely with quick flying drones and high definition cameras capturing both pictures and videos. When troubles exist in communication towers or power lines, companies can now launch drones to find the problem quickly. Deploy their line service personnel to get communications and power back up immediately. Ultimately pleasing their customers and their bottom line

Disaster Management

Providing support to disaster management officials can save time, money and lives. Understanding where to put resources, deploy personnel and alert the public of hazardous conditions is imperative for a successful outcome and top priority. Drones can accomplish this task safely on a simple budget not tying up pricey helicopters.

Public Safety

Fire Departments have been using Infra-red technology for years. Now this countries first responders can utilize UAV technology with Infra-red to enhance their rescue operations in saving lives minimizing the risk to personnel.

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